Takerss is a skills acquisition-empowerment program, a global opportunity born out of the passion for total human capacity development and for helping the less privileged.

In an economic situation where a lot of people are disenfranchised, its become important for ordinary individuals in that economic community to look beyond the government or corporate entity in their pursue for happiness and the empowerment that come with financial freedom. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Takerss is a community of ordinary individuals that came together for the purpose of helping each other develop and improve their life through skills and trade employment. We are to empower and develop your skill ( as well as your capacity to live a GOOD LIFE ) while giving you the finance to set yourself up.

When you register on Takerss, you are registering for a training program that will teach you a trade in the area of your choice. We are in collaboration with various organizations that are specialized in teaching trade like ,mechanize farming, fishing, Welding,Hair dressing , Tailoring,computer programing and networking etc.

We are also aware that after this training you will need a start-up capital to establish your workshop or company. This is were we also empower you financially by giving you an opportunity to make very "GOOD MONEY" from our financial employment program. If you truly follow-up our business model,then within 3 to 6 months you will not only have the money to establish yourself but will have extra money to help your family members , the less privileged , motherless children and even your neighbors will come to you for financial help!!

We are here to give you an opportunity to learn a trade, enable you to start your company, give you a car , take you abroad (USA and Dubai) and still have more than enough money to help your family, your church or mosque members, your neighbors and the less privilege in the society.

While undergoing this training we provide you with various food items, mobile phone,laptop and much more and all these are free.

Experience our beautiful world, as Takerss gives you the definite touch that you need for an indefinite Empowerment of yourself and the people around you.